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Theme and Logo

The Anniversary Theme

125 Years of Inquiry and Impact

To help unify the diverse events and celebrations that will commemorate the 125th anniversary, the Faculty Advisory Committee has chosen the theme “125 Years of Inquiry and Impact.”

These two ideas—inquiry and impact—reflect the two components of the University’s Latin motto, Crescat scientia; vita excolatur (“Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched”). 

Like the motto, the theme reflects our founders’ intentions—which have remained true to this day—that the University do original, rigorous scholarship and aim to make a positive impact on the world through academic work, creative pursuit, and outward engagement.

The Anniversary Logo

The anniversary logo provides a visual commemoration of the University of Chicago’s 125 years at celebrations and events across our campuses.

The logo utilizes Gotham, the University’s main display typeface. Gotham’s modern lines bring a contemporary vitality to the anniversary logo. The open forms of the “125” create a visual path representing our past, present, and future and reflect our ongoing committment to open inquiry and discourse.