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Student Dining Halls

East Dining Hall in Burton-Judson Courts. Today this dining hall is part of the Arley D. Cathey Dining Commons on south campus. Then photo by Capes Photo courtesy Special Collections Research Center. Now photo by Joel Wintermantle.

William Rainey Harper, the University’s founding president, stated in 1896 that the “ideal college and university life” can happen only when “the life of the individual is brought into closest contact with the lives of many other individuals.” Throughout the University’s history, continued investment in the College Housing System has nurtured these connections by providing a robust social and intellectual life for students outside the classroom. Spaces for interaction, including shared lounges in residence halls, designated house tables in dining halls, and athletic facilities, are important parts of life in the College.

House activities also extend outside the Residence Halls and dining commons into the realms of tradition, camaraderie, and competition. Houses take trips throughout Chicago and out of town, participate in winter festival Kuviasungnerk/Kangeiko, compete in intramural sports, go a little crazy during the infamous and much anticipated annual tradition of Scav Hunt, and do much more together in and around Hyde Park.